Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Very Irratated

     Today was a great day until the Faculty Meeting. My poor co-teacher was the representative for our grade level in an important vote to determine how to spend bonus money. She was against how the team voted, but voted that way regardless. Someone on the voting committee then went out and told the other people on my team that she did not vote the way she was supposed to. This was not true at all, but the entire team acted completely ridiculous making a seen in front of the entire school faculty. The Assistant Principal had to tell us that this was a 5th grade issue and we would not waste everyone's time on it. This was incredibly embarrassing and the unprofessional behavior of my teammates was ludicrous. For myself, I stayed out of the argument and refused to comment until I confirmed or denied the actions of my co-teacher, who was not even present to defend herself.
       In the end, it was made clear to everyone on my team that my co-teacher did in fact vote as she was supposed to. I hope to hell that some people apologize for how they treated her today. The poor woman was crying in our classroom while I tried to make her feel better.


  1. cool story bro, at least you gave her the SUPPORT she needed

    as far as i see it she couldve voted however she pleased, sounds like they were the ones acting like 5th graders here.

  2. Yea, and what is sad my class just did the past two days of bullying and rumor spreading education.

  3. That sucks for her, at least you supported her.